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In Palo Alto, the Coupa Café offers free WiFi in exchange for a Facebook check-in status update

Publié le 10 June 2014

Many American chains and restaurants give their customers free WiFi for nothing in return. Local businesses, however, who often need to re-coup these costs, are thinking smart and are offering free WiFi to customers who post their location and store name to their social media accounts.

In Palo Alto, the Coupa Café offers free WiFi in exchange for a Facebook check-in status update

Coupa Café in Palo Alto, California, is now asking its customers to post their location to their Facebook accounts. Once they have shared their location with friends, customers can then access their unlimited WiFi connection for free.

One customer explained why this exchange was so appealing to local businesses by stating “ If I urgently need a WiFi connection, I’ll go to Starbucks. But, when I’m socialising with friends or I’m looking for a cool place to hang out, I prefer less mainstream cafés that offer internet connection. Coupa Café is one of the coolest small cafés in Silicon Valley, so I don’t mind sharing my location with my Facebook friends at all!”

One of the cafés employees explained the extent of the initiative’s success. The Coupa Café’s Facebook page received over 18,000 check-in status updates in June 2013 alone, compared with a measly 4,000 in June 2012. “If the customer doesn’t want to share their status with friends and family, they can simply select the option that enables only themselves to see the update, meaning they can retain their privacy if they wish”.

The Coupa Café started their check-in initiative in 2012 as one of the first businesses to get a preview of Facebook’s check-in feature, developed with Cisco. This feature was officially launched and made available to the public in May 2013. Without a doubt, this new update feature is set to become hugely popular all over the globe. Watch this space…

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