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In Paris, a bakery has entered the world of e-commerce

Publié le 2 June 2015

In Paris, a bakery has earned the loyalty of its customers by publishing a newsletter. That way they can keep their customers up-to-date with news in real time and invite them to come and test new products.

In Paris, a bakery has entered the world of e-commerce

With so many bakeries we sometimes get the impression that they are interchangeable. Customer choice often comes down to proximity rather than the identity of the bakery. Having understood this, Des Gâteaux et du Pain decided to appeal to customers by sending out a newsletter. They use it to keep their customers updated on any new products in-store and create a deeper, quality relationship.

Des Gâteaux et du Pain tries to play on two levels. Firstly the store is the principal element, with the newsletter inviting customers to visit. There is a system of online sales in the bakery: customers can order products they found in-store, on the internet. In fact the bakery created its website taking inspiration from clothing stores, and the result is just as elegant. The products are presented on a black background, and can be ordered in the size and quantity desired.


The bakery therefore has a strong image which isn’t based solely on geography, but also on the contact with customers. By doing this, it has been able to increase its customer base and is creating a genuine reputation online.

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63 Boulevard Pasteur
75015 Paris
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