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In Paris, a butchers’ as a luxury store

Publié le 17 March 2015

Polmard has opened a butchers’ in Paris which is also a luxury shop.

In Paris, a butchers’ as a luxury store

The butchers’ industry is conducive to innovation. Alexandre Polmard, whose family has been working in the butchers, industry (livestock farmers, butchers) since the middle of the 19th century, has opened a surprising store in the heart of Saint Germain des Prés.


The butchers’ aims to display meat as a luxury product in its own right. The exterior of the store is understated and black, and looks more like a fashion or clothes store than a butchers’.

At first glance, it’s difficult to believe that it’s a butchers’. Here there are no stained aprons, knives or hooks with meat hanging.

And yet the meat is there. It comes directly from Polmard breeders located in Saint Mihiel in the Meuse department, which specialises in veal. The calves are all of the ‘blondes d’Aquitaine’ race (a race which is known for the finesse of its meat) which are directly selected and bred by the Polmard family.

The product is presented under glass cases or in refrigerators with door windows. All the meat is packaged in boxes that look like luxury products (thick black cardboard with the brand’s logo…).


Thanks to this set-up, Polmard has set itself up in the niche of luxury butchers. It’s hardly surprising for a company that already supplies some of the top gourmet restaurants.  

Practical information
Maison Polmard
2, rue de l’Abbaye, 75006, Paris
Site boucherie Polmard

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