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In Paris, a cafe offers light therapy sessions

Publié le 25 September 2014

A cafe-restaurant has started offering light therapy sessions to its customers. As well as offering organic and hand-made products as part of a campaign against plastic packaging, Yello’s provides its customers with light therapy glasses for 20-minute sessions.

In Paris, a cafe offers light therapy sessions

There are more than 5000 fast food establishments in Paris, with a 75% rise in less than ten years (Challenges). Some of these cafe-restaurants have focused on the concept of healthy eating, even for a quick lunch break. In Paris’ 9th arrondissement, Yello’s have come up with an innovative concept. As well as enjoying a healthy, balanced meal, made up solely of organic, artisanal products, customers can enjoy a 20-minute light therapy session. Inspired by Stockholm’s light therapy cafes, each session costs €2 and helps fight against vitamin D deficiency, which affects two thirds of the French population. Yello’s offers a range of different formulas: private meetings and after-work specials, break@work to organise business breakfasts, lunch@work with a delivery service to the office and special student and family prices (10% off). Muesli, carrot and coriander juice, stews made from spelt, quinoa and split peas, fresh fruit, salads and soups are on offer all year round. There are also a wide range of vegetarian options. The bright, colourful venue promotes ‘urban wellness food’ which is in line with current views on healthy eating. With their pre-order service, Yello’s make lunch easier: the customer can order and pay for his food online, and then just needs to come to the restaurant to collect their food. By creating a personal account, customers can also ensure their preferences are accounted for. image005 The menu is available on the website but also on the company’s Facebook page: which has nearly 500 likes and is updated monthly with photos and meal ideas. Local press like Le Parisien has also talked about this light therapy cafe. Yello’s is recommended by a range of different sites, like l’ISC studio, a fashion group linked to the business school of the same name, latest trend site LeBonbon and well-connected Parisian site My Little Paris. Practical information: Yello’s 58, rue la Fayette 75009 Paris 09 73 18 48 75

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