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In Paris, a florist has created an online service for personalised bouquets

Publié le 25 June 2015

In Paris, florist Christian Morel now offers his customers and original service on his website. Customers can create their own floral arrangement, customize them and have them delivered.

In Paris, a florist has created an online service for personalised bouquets

The arrangement of a bouquet of flowers is never anodyne and always carries meaning. It’s no doubt the reason why up to now visiting a florist was considered indispensable. By opening an online flower arrangement service, florist Christian Morel has gone against this widespread belief.

The online service is specifically designed to allow for the customers to get creative. They are able to give their general preferences and have an original bouquet created by a top designer. They can then add their own personal touch or leave a comment to direct the flower arrangement. The initiative has allowed the florist to find a niche, the digitalization of traditional services.


The website offers both original creations at custom prices and standard creations for more limited budgets. The service is therefore not only restricted to those with deep pockets and is aimed at all types of customers. They can save the transport costs of going to the store, while keeping the prestige of a Christian Morel creation. The florist, for his part, is focusing on customers who want to save time but are careful when it comes to the originality and quality of their arrangement.

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Fleuriste François Morel
44 Rue Oberkampf
75011 Paris

Facebook Christian Morel
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