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In Paris, a glasses workshop offers a subscription service

Publié le 13 August 2015

In Paris, La Fabrique de lunettes allows customers to rent an elegant frame for the length of an evening.

In Paris, a glasses workshop offers a subscription service

Changing frames like you change shirts is now possible with La Fabrique de lunettes. Located in the third arrondissement in Paris, the brand offers a fashionable approach to glasses. Their workshop offers a frame renting service and makes it possible to install any type of lens with the frame chosen by the customer.

La Fabrique de lunettes has one principle: beyond just simple tools to help people’s sight, glasses are fashion accessories in themselves. To allow customers to take advantage, it offers a subscription service which allows customers to change frame whenever they want, or a set price for an evening.

image011 Glasses

La Fabrique de lunettes offers an original service which promotes a method of consumption which is cheaper and more attractive to customers. It creates a relationship based on trust with customers by offering a customized, aesthetic solution. Finally, its presence on social media allows it to present products in a situation, while guaranteeing the necessary business in store in order to put the glasses together.

Practical information

La Fabrique de Lunettes
11 Boulevard du Temple
75003 Paris
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Facebook La Fabrique de Lunettes

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