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In Paris, a landscape gardener plants a garden in your window

Publié le 21 May 2015

In Paris, the Urban Green collective offers the capitals inhabitants the chance to create and grow decorative gardens on their balconies.

In Paris, a landscape gardener plants a garden in your window

Urban Green’s landscape gardeners are focusing on an area that has often been ignored: balconies and windows. Having noticed the nostalgia of city-dwellers with regards to nature, they offer to design a customised garden that each customer can enjoy from their window. The company design, install and maintain the gardens they have planted.

This initiative aims to reintroduce some greenery into the daily lives of the capital’s inhabitants. The type and make-up of the garden are adapted to the available space in the customer’s home, and Urban Green’s catalogue changes with the seasons. The company offers seasonal collections in the same way fashion trends change.


Urban Green has met an ambitious target by being able to offer a garden that can be adapted to the climate and exposition constraints of their customers’ homes. They have won over customers who are sensitive to environmental issues and create a durable relationship with them by maintaining their garden in the long-term.

In an attempt to make public areas greener, as proposed by the city of Paris, their concept is undoubtedly well-timed. This initiative is Eco-friendly and allows everyone to make an environmental gesture while decorating their living area.

Practical information
88 avenue des Ternes
75017 Paris
Tel: 01 76 21 88 88

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