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In Paris, an art business in an apartment

Publié le 28 April 2015

A young Parisian entrepreneur has transformed his apartment into a shop that specialises in the sale of objects of art.

In Paris, an art business in an apartment

An original shop can be found in the first arrondissement in Paris, right next to the Place des Victoires. ‘Chez Moi’ is a store that specialises in the sale of pieces of art and was opened by a young 24-year-old man.

In this ground floor apartment, it’s difficult to know if visitors are entering the owner’s flat or if the owner lives in his store. A bed, shelves, wine, furniture, canvases, photos, flowers… Everything in the apartment is for sale.


The products on show are the fruit of partnerships with up and coming and established designers (Barbaseb, Polit). The young man also exhibits his own artistic and literary favourites.

The site is open to a wide-ranging public and prices range from €5 to €8000. To convince people to stay as long as possible, ‘Chez Moi’ offers menus from the patisserie Granny Alice, which specialises in macaroons, three times a week.

The aim of this innovation is to make the visitors feel like they are visiting a friend. They can see the pieces of art on sale in a real situation and imagine them in their own place.

Long-term, ‘Chez Moi’ wants to become an exhibition venue. The concept has already earned the support of noted designer Ora Ito, who owns the Hotel O found in the same street.

Practical information
Chez Moi
25 rue Hérold 75001 Paris
Chez Moi

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