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In Paris, an ice-cream maker is turning perfume into ice cream

Publié le 9 July 2015

In Paris, an ice-cream maker and a perfumer have decided to combine their talents to create an ice cream made using perfume.

In Paris, an ice-cream maker is turning perfume into ice cream

With a flourishing ice cream market that lacks novelty, ice-cream shop Il Gelato del Marchese and the perfumer Annick Goutal have launched a new range using perfume. This unexpected partnership has allowed them to offer their customers an experience which is original in both taste and smell. During a meeting, they developed the creation of a collection of ice creams based on Goutal’s most successful perfumes.

The ice-cream maker has taken on a difficult challenge, and has used Annick Goutal’s two most popular perfumes. The alliance between these two sectors has been a success: the evocative powers of ice creams and perfume combined offers a unique experience to all food lovers.


In two sectors that are constantly trying to innovate, Il Gelato del Marchese and Annick Goutal have gambled on something ambitious by offering a very modern experience. Customers won’t feel out of place: the ice cream comes in a traditional ice cream trolley. As a result of the success of this initiative, the ice-cream maker has decided to extend the experiment and has already announced that he will continue.

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Il Gelato del Marchese
3 Rue des Quatre Vents
75006 Paris

Facebook Il Gelato
Facebook Annick Goutal

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