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In Paris, an interior decorating company goes digital

Publié le 14 October 2014

The agency “Les Murs ont des oreilles” (literally The Walls have Ears) keeps in touch with its customers via a monthly newsletter, in which it lays out its projects, plans and the latest trends in the world of interior design. It’s a way of earning the loyalty of its customers and going above and beyond.

In Paris, an interior decorating company goes digital

There are nearly 2,500 interior design architects in France, including 318 in Paris alone according to CFAI. The market has grown over the last decade: people take great pleasure in arranging their homes, with French people dedicating six billion Euros a year.

The agency “Les Murs ont des oreilles”, founded by decorator Valérie Laporte Voltier, offers a bespoke design and architect service that comes right into your home. The founder and Charlotte Soisson Lenormand work for individuals and companies. The services are custom-produced, with a response less than two weeks after filling in a questionnaire on tastes and lifestyle. The different offers cost between €280 and €900, going from “flash consultation” on a specific problem, to “pre-purchase advice” when visiting a piece of real estate, as well as personal coaching on how to arrange your children’s rooms.


For companies, the agency offers strategic coaching, whatever the place and type of work (restaurants, offices or shops). Les Murs ont des oreilles will supervise every step of the construction and decorating of their customers’ living space. This closeness with the customer is much-appreciated, as has been demonstrated by the positive comments in the Livre d’or.

The specialist press, including regular appearances in Marie Claire Maison, and the general press (L’Express, Le Parisien), have complimented the agency for their dynamism and listening skills. Websites such as CôtéMaison.fr, Journal des Femmes, and Le Bonbon, and TV channels such as Téva, guarantee regular publicity. But it’s digital communication that is most effective: the company’s Facebook has 362 likes with regular updates on new products and offers. The monthly newsletter to the agency’s customers provides a dynamic, attractive catalogue of offers. By highlighting their latest trends, offers and favourites, the newsletter is full of ideas that will make people want to redecorate.

With two books published in 2012 and 2013, Une Déco qui me ressemble and 12 clés pour bien démarrer!, Valérie Laporte Volatier has managed to create a personal agency, while becoming a source of inspiration in the world of interior design.

Practical information:
Les Murs ont des oreilles,
80, rue Taitbout, 75009 Paris,

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