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In Philadelphia, a pizzeria helps out the homeless

Publié le 6 May 2015

In Philadelphia, Rosa’s Fresh Pizza pizzeria encourages its customers to pay a little extra for a slice of pizza for a homeless person.

In Philadelphia, a pizzeria helps out the homeless

Rosa’s Fresh Pizza, in Philadelphia, is part of the daily fight against social exclusion of homeless people. It has launched the ‘Pay-it forward’ initiative, which gives customers the opportunity to perform a simple gesture to fight hunger. By paying a little bit more for their pizza, customers are buying a slice for a homeless person in advance. The company encourages people to contribute to everyone’s well-being and fight against malnutrition while creating social links.

Rosa’s Fresh Pizza initiative has influenced the restaurant’s décor. Customers and beneficiaries of the programme are invited to leave post-its as souvenirs of their time spent in the restaurant. In fact, each post-it which adorns the walls is a testament to the success of the ‘Pay it forward with a pizza’ programme, and underlines the restaurant’s originality.

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This simple, easy action gives the brand an excellent image and attracts customers who are keen to make a positive social impact without putting in too much effort. The restaurant, as well as being a place of consumption, also becomes a social venue once more.

Practical information

25 S 11th St,
Philadelphia PA 19107
United States


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