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In St Pierre des Corps, a vegetable grower sells directly to consumers thanks to automatic vending machines

Publié le 10 June 2014

Didier Renard, a vegetable grower in Saint-Pierre des Corps, has found a solution to sell his products directly to local consumers: using automatic vending machines like those found at 24-hour petrol stations.

In St Pierre des Corps, a vegetable grower sells directly to consumers thanks to automatic vending machines

This vegetable grower’s idea quickly won over the inhabitants of the local area. They now have fresh fruit and vegetables available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at a reasonable price with almost no queues.

This innovative distributor contains 90 little self-service compartments. Each compartment is filled with one or multiple vegetables and the price is marked on transparent doors. All the local clients have to do is select the compartment number they want, insert money and retrieve their vegetables. A simple, rapid purchase which is available any hour of the day.

While client numbers peak after work, between 4 and 7, this innovative self-service concept is also available at night (police patrols, night workers, late night outings, etc). Local inhabitants are guaranteed to find fresh fruit and vegetables day or night, and really appreciate this freedom, all the more because it has no impact on the price, nor the quality of the products.

Of course, this service requires flexibility in supply and demand. The vegetable grower planted new varieties to attract the most possible clients, and he must refill the compartments every two hours to ensure a continuous customer base.

Mr Renard’s greenhouse just a few metres away from the self-service concept and can therefore refill them in a matter of minutes – and thank goodness, because now nearly 200 compartments are taken every day, which represents 20% of his turnover. The farmer’s creativity has therefore been rewarded, all the more so because he didn’t need to hire an extra person dedicated to sales thanks to this cheap channel of distribution in human terms.

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