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In Sydney, Victor Churchill has created a designer butcher’s

Publié le 21 October 2014

Known as the crème de la crème of butcher’s, Victor Churchill is owned by Anthony Puharich and his father Victor. While this meat palace is centred on the product itself, the butcher’s is not just a shop: thanks to the decor from Dreamtime agency, the store is decorated with luxury panelling and the goods on sale are often displayed in a very theatrical manner.

In Sydney, Victor Churchill has created a designer butcher’s

The meat industry is the fourth fastest-growing sector in Australia (source: Pole Emploi International). The population consumes large quantities of poultry and beef, and thanks to its high-quality meat, it is the biggest exporter of bovine meat to the USA (source).

In this high-quality market, the art of butchery has been forced to innovate. Founded in 1876, Victor Churchill is more than just a butcher’s. Anthony and Victor Puharich have managed to turn the store into a place of learning and exchange. Surrounded by top-notch, quality-controlled products, the owners have created a sophisticated, gastronomical universe. It was voted the best butcher’s in the world by The Internet Chef, and the store supplies all the best restaurants in Singapore. This luxury butcher’s has enjoyed a lot of success thanks to its cooking lessons and exceptional products. Marinated Christmas beef, braised lamb, spicy chicken, hamburgers, roast beef, meat pies, quiches, terrines and other products such as olive oil and truffles, are all on sale in this store, which has been completely renovated by Dreamtime Australia Design. The agency is generally better known for its work in hotels, restaurants and designer bars. For its first foray into the world of commerce, the gamble has paid off. Recommended by local chefs like Luke Mangan in this article, this top-of-the-range butcher’s is trendy and luxurious.


Victor Churchill’s website is very detailed. Interaction demonstrates the shop’s dynamic nature. There are often events organised and shared online on the calendar of the Victor Churchill school. The ‘What’s New’ section regularly offers different meat recipes with their accompaniments. With a score of 4.8 out of 5 on Facebook from nearly 100 marks, more than 700 likes and 1600 Been Theres, this butcher’s has been very successful on social media. There are 5,000 followers on the company’s Twitter account, which is very rare for a local business, but they have managed to create a real community linked to their shared knowledge. They are also present on Instagram, and the brand promotes the art of butchery while still focusing on the artistic and visual side of things. Victor Churchill has managed to turn eating meat into a noble, gourmet activity which follows the norms of luxury, as shown in this trendy online magazine.


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Victor Churchill

132 Queen St, Woollahra NSW 2025, Australie



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