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In Tel Aviv, a restaurant has designed its plates for Instagram

Publié le 13 October 2015

More and more often, gourmet meals are devoured by the eyes before they are eaten… and are immortalised on the internet. It’s a phenomenon that one Israeli restaurant has perfectly captured.

In Tel Aviv, a restaurant has designed its plates for Instagram

More and more food lovers take photos of their dishes to post them on social media. While this attitude annoys a lot of chefs, one Israeli restaurant has chosen to embrace the new trend.

That restaurant is Le Catit in Tel Aviv. The establishment is run by Meir Adoni, one of the most renowned Israeli chefs. In fact the restaurant was named the best in Tel Aviv by Time Out.

Since spring 2015, le Catit allows customers to immortalise their dishes. To do that, the focus is on the quality of the images. The restaurant offers curved ceramic dishes for those who want them, where they can place their smart phone and even be assisted by culinary photographer Dan Perez; a specialist in highlighting the aesthetic value of food.

tel aviv 2

By adapting to the customs of an increasingly connected clientele, le Catit offers an innovative approach, without reducing the quality of its dishes. They haven’t forgotten local craftsmen either (the plates are made by a ceramicist in Tel Aviv).

Now more than just a place to eat, the restaurant has become the vehicle for a new form of social prestige and is even proud to be behind this growing trend: foodography.


Le Catit

Nahalat Benyamin St 57

Tel Aviv




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