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In Toronto, a florist is attracting Instagram users

Publié le 3 May 2018

Crown Flora Studio has repainted one of its outside walls bright pink and asks customers to pose in front of it for their Instagram photos.  

In Toronto, a florist is attracting Instagram users

This Canadian flower shop has found an original way of boosting its visibility on social media.

Customers can pose in front of one of the walls of the store which has been repainted a flashy pink to show off their ‘outfit of the day’ on Instagram, or pose with friends, in a couple or even with their pets.

The bright colour and the surrounding plants open up the graphic options for which people love Instagram! For example, the pink fades depending on the Instagram filter used.


In the beginning, it was a spontaneous trend, done by customers and passers-by. But it was soon encouraged by the shop which seized the opportunity to make it feel like a real photo studio.

This pink has become part of the identity of the shop, which plays on it on its own Instagram account, posting photos of its creations with the colourful background.



The results have been remarkable: Crown Flora Studio’s Instagram page now has more than 36,000 followers, and new photos in front of the pink wall are posted almost daily.

This initiative shows that very simple arrangements can help promotion on Instagram: a dedicated space, a few different decorative elements and word-of-mouth does the rest!



Practical Information:

Crown Flora Studio

1233 Queen St W,

Toronto, ON M6K 1L5





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