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In Toulouse, a Michelin-starred chef swaps fast-food for fast-cook

Publié le 26 March 2015

In Toulouse, chef Michel Bras has opened a new fast-food restaurant which focuses on quality thanks to a French medieval cooking utensil, the ‘capucin’.

In Toulouse, a Michelin-starred chef swaps fast-food for fast-cook

Michel Bras, a three-starred Michelin chef, has opened the ‘Capucin signé Bras’ in Toulouse, which offers a healthy, local alternative to fast-food. This atypical restaurant has enjoyed a lot of success in Toulouse. It focuses on an innovative concept, the ‘fast-cook’.

In order to combine fast and quality catering, Michel Bras has reintroduced a cooking utensil that comes all the way from the Middle Ages, the capucin. It allows you to heat any ingredients you want in a buckwheat pancake in less than two minutes, which promotes healthy cooking, based on local products.


Fast-cooking means eating quickly for a modest sum, while consuming quality ingredients. Capucin clearly stands out from other fast-food outlets and attracts customers who care about the quality and source of the products they consume. The chef also brings particular attention to the restaurant, with a décor featuring sleek colours and the use of raw materials such as wood and aluminium.

The concept has been a real success: more than 56,000 capucins have been sold in one year, and the restaurant won the Janus prize for design. In fact, the chef is thinking about exporting the concept to Paris, where traditional fast-food is not widespread, and introducing an online order service which would allow busy customers to be served quicker in the restaurant.

Practical information:
Capucin signé Bras
6 Rue du Rempart Villeneuve
31000 Toulouse

Facebook Capucin

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