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In Valley City, North Dakota, a cafe who trusts its clients

Publié le 19 May 2015

In North Dakota, The Vault bar customers can enjoy a coffee from a self-service set-up where they pay their own bill.  

In Valley City, North Dakota, a cafe who trusts its clients

Located in North Dakota, The Vault has placed its trust in the honesty of its customers: here there is no surveillance or obligation to pay. The café is a self-service restaurant and customers can consume as much as they want. They then pay for their purchases by putting either cash or a check into the ‘honesty box’, or paying the amount they want to by card.

By appealing to their customers’ honour, The Vault creates a horizontal relationship, where each side can find their place. The growing number of customers is proof that the initiative works, and the company has attracted clients who are curious about this risky gamble. During the economic crisis, the opportunity to decide how much to pay is a real advantage for customers who struggling financially.


The self-service system is quite cheap, easy to put in place and surprisingly profitable: the business has noted that customers pay 15% more than the actual price when they pay what they think they owe. That should encourage other businesses to show faith in their customers.


Practical information

233 Central Avenue North
Valley City, North Dakota

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The Vault


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