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Kellogg’s NYC, breakfast at any time of day

Publié le 23 May 2017

Kellogg’s has opened its first cafe in New York where customers can enjoy a bowl of cereal at any time of the day, making the most of their morning routine.

Kellogg’s NYC, breakfast at any time of day

On 4th July 2016, American Independence Day, Kellogg’s celebrated its 110th birthday by opening a cafe dedicated to the brand in Times Square. From 8am to 11pm, the establishment offers its most famous cereals in all their forms through the years, giving people plenty of opportunities to enjoy those famous flakes.

Recreating the comforting experience of home

Located in the heart of one of the busiest quarters of New York, Kellogg’s NYC was designed to offer visitors a familiar, intimate place where they can eat in peace as if they were in their living room or kitchen.

Dishes are prepared there and then with no noise in the service room, with cereals selected and mixed from transparent boxes and bowls which allow customers to visualise and recognise the products used.

Customers collect their packets in a numbered box with their order, collecting their meal tray as if they were opening a cupboard or a fridge…

They can then sit down at a table or the counter, on their own or with their family and friends. The area is laid out to feel ‘like home’: small minimalist tables, wooden furniture, black and white tiles…

Before tasting their chosen composition, customers pour their milk according to their usual tastes and habits!

Giving the brand a dynamic image

By setting up in one of the busiest streets in the capital, Kellogg’s deliberately thought of its cafe as a shop window to demonstrate its capacity for renewal and innovation over the years.

For the creation of the menus, the brand called on Christina Rosi, the renowned pastry chef behind the dessert chain Momofuku Milk Bar.

The cereals can be enjoyed in a traditional manner with milk, or in new original recipes.

With the diversity on offer and the variety of methods of preparation, Kellogg’s shows that its cornflakes are still fun to eat, and there is no reason to restrict them to the early hours of the day.

Offering an interlude of friendship and sharing

The cafe aims to create a warm atmosphere where everyone can meet, exchange, laugh and relive childhood memories.

Customers get a surprise with each order of a quirky toy, just as they might find in a box of cereals.

Prices are affordable, between $3.50 and $7.50, so that the restaurant is available to every budget and doesn’t discourage customers.

With this cereal bar, Kellogg’s celebrated its 110 years by demonstrating the youth and vitality of the brand, and a capacity for renewal while maintaining the continuity of the past.

Capitalising on its rich associations of the experience of preparation and sharing the first meal of the day, Kellogg’s NYC offers customers the chance to meet as they would at home in the morning, with the opportunity of enjoying a lovely time at any hour of the day.


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