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La Divine Fromagerie, or the saga of the Caprice des Dieux

Publié le 6 March 2018

For its 60th birthday the brand Caprice des Dieux has opened a dedicated site called La Divine Fromagerie in Illoud in the Haute Marne region.

La Divine Fromagerie, or the saga of the Caprice des Dieux

Caprice des Dieux was created from a family dairy farm in Illoud. Sixty years and the sale of three billion boxes later, the brand has opened a fun, educational site dedicated to its speciality.

The aim is to help visitors increase their knowledge of cheese through the brand Caprice des Dieux. La Divine Fromagerie has been divided into three large interactive spaces which each have a different purpose.

Discover the flavours and smells of cheese


The first area highlights the olfactory richness and taste of cheese, through a relief map and interactive displays.

Different metallic containers allow customers to experience a wide range of floral, fruity or woody aromas …


A digital device reveals several recipes with a cheese base: visitors can also subscribe to receive them via email.



The first space also has a shop area where customers can buy products from the group Savencia, stored in refrigerated containers.


Understanding cheese production

The second area sets out the stages of cheese production, from the origins of the milk to the packaging of the final product.

There are illustrations of the cheesemaker’s craft, the composition of the cheese, the different specialisms in the cheese sector, cheese technology, the breeds of cow according to the region and the mechanism for transforming grass into milk…

Then it’s time to put it all into practice!

La Divine Fromagerie is designed to be an interactive experience, especially aimed at children.

Visitors can try their hand at the virtual manufacture of cheese thanks to an interactive touchscreen table, or try to milk a life-size replica cow, known as Mirabelle.

They can also answer a quiz displayed on the walls of the space.

This area also shows off the commitment of Caprice des Dieux in terms of sustainable development: responsible supply, reduction of fuel consumption, 100 percent recyclable packaging …

 Getting to know the brand Caprice des Dieux

 The last area plunges visitors into the history of the brand over the last six decades.

For example, it is here that they discover a cheese made with ultra-fresh milk produced within a 60 km radius and an old 2CV van which would deliver cheese to Paris in the 1950s.

Visitors also find out more about the world of the brand Caprice des Dieux: its milestone events shown on a timeline on the wall, the countries where it is sold, the typical historic objects and different styles of advertisements over the years, including the famous ‘Le Téléphérique’, directed by Patrice Leconte in 1986.

To finish, visitors can even produce their own personalised label from Caprice des Dieux!

La Divine Fromagerie is a way for Caprice des Dieux to highlight the local roots of the brand, the quality of its products and its corporate social responsibility.


Practical Information

La Divine Fromagerie

Grande Rue

52150 Illoud


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