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La Grande Maison of Magrez, a hotel full of experiences

Publié le 9 May 2017

Bernard Magrez, a wine merchant from Bordeaux, wanted to create in La Grande Maison an exceptional hotel and restaurant to give his customers unique sensations.

La Grande Maison of Magrez, a hotel full of experiences

In 2014 Bernard Magrez bought this private hotel which dates from the 19th century. Describing himself as a ‘composer of rare wine’, he worked to transform the Bordeaux venue into a luxury estate. The establishment today aims to offer the best of French culture.

A prestigious venue with ambitions of excellence

La Grande Maison benefits from a privileged position, in a historic building at the heart of a region which is rich in ancestral know-how and highly sought-after local products. Bernard Magrez wanted to make the most of this unique potential so that the venue could attract prominent celebrities.

The gastro restaurant has been rewarded with two Michelin stars. It is run by chef Pierre Gagnaire, who describes himself as a ‘global ambassador of taste’ and represents the cream of Haute Cuisine.

The wine menu is looked after by Bernard Magrez himself, who has put together a selection of every grand cru from Bordeaux, which is over 259 vintages.

The five-star hotel has six rooms and three living rooms in the style of Napoleon III, inspired by decorator Frédérique Fournier: panelling and moulding, carpets and floral curtains, variations of mauve, dark purple and golden colours…

Chandeliers and lamps are created by Baccarat and pieces of contemporary art adorn the walls to offer an atmosphere which is muted, refined and relaxed.

All the ingredients have been combined to ensure that patrons of La Grande Maison enjoy a memorable stay there.

A heritage which is enhanced by unique experiences

To satisfy customers and leave them with unrivalled memories, La Grande Maison goes beyond simple comfort and invites them to take part in a range of exclusive activities.

They can visit Bordeaux chateaux, engage in a wine tasting course or even make their own wine in the ‘b-winemaker’ workshop.

A partnership has been formed with the Bernard Magrez Cultural Institute, a place of cultural sharing and a residence for artists, displaying more than 400 pieces of contemporary art.

La Grande Maison stands out from other establishments offering a similar level of services because of the diversity and rarity of the activities organised.

A venue with multiple resources

Bernard Magrez saw the place as an adjustable space, which was also suitable for receptions such as weddings, seminars and business meetings.

Galleries, a balcony, a veranda and gardens form a setting which is perfect for celebrating major events and holding gatherings.

The rooms can be hired out and allow people to meet in private. Video projectors and screens are made available as work and communication tools.

With La Grande Maison, Bernard Magrez seeks to promote flagship French luxury, by highlighting the precious assets of France’s cultural heritage. Combining the arts of fine wine, hosting, gastronomy and contemporary art, the master wine merchant gives his guests a taste of a unique experience.

Practical information
La Grande Maison
10 Rue Labottière,
33000 Bordeaux, France



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