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In London: beacon technology installed on Regent Street

Publié le 16 December 2014

One of the most famous streets in London, Regent Street, is putting in place a new app which takes advantage of the iBeacon system. Owners, the Crown Estate, has developed the mobile app to help businesses (Burberry, Anthropologie, Banana Republic, restaurants, etc.) make the most of it.

In London: beacon technology installed on Regent Street

Regent Street shops employ more than 10,000 people and welcome more than 7.5 million visitors each year. The facades are classed as historical monuments.

image002Owned by the Crown Estate, which manages the Crown assets, this shopping hotspot has offered a unique, personalised experience since June 2014. Thanks to Beacon technology, every visitor can download the Regent Street app and have real-time access to new items, special offers and even VIP invites simply by walking past the shops. A Bluetooth connection gives shoppers access to information depending on their preferences and app settings. The intuitive app allows users to create a specific profile which is adapted to their wishes and helps them discover new brands which they might like. The Regent Street App can be downloaded from iTunes and has already won over more than 100 shops: Apple, Burberry, Banana Republic, Hugo Boss, TSB, Anthropologie. The Crown Estate has invested more than $1 billion in the Regent Street Vision programme) since 2002, from where the app originated. The app was created by autoGraph.


The Crown Estate website highlights the new app at the bottom of the page, as do Regent Street Online and Regent Street Local. Local newspapers such as The Telegraph consider the launch of this app as a way of boosting shopping. The app is recommended by Visit London, but also by Retail Week, a website that specialises in retail innovation. David Shaw, one of the creators of this initiative claims: “Regent Street is becoming the most successful shopping destination in the world, by combining the online, physical and now mobile experience.” With this app, Regent Street stands out as the more connected shopping street of the moment where you can enjoy an entirely personal shopping experience.

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Regent Street application, available for download on iTunes

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