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In London: a cafe where customers can print their ideas in 3D

Publié le 8 January 2015

The makersCAFE in London is dedicated to designers and creators. Thanks to 3D printers, every customer can use lasers to print their ideas in 3D and exchange with people in the same industry.

In London: a cafe where customers can print their ideas in 3D

The market for 3D printing should be worth $16.2 billion by 2018 (Source: 3dnatives.com). From a simple manufacturing method, this technology is rapidly becoming essential in the creation of innovative, complex and robust objects in a range of materials, finishes and colours.


In London’s hip Shoreditch district, the makersCAFE opened in 2014, allowing customers to use the 3D printing tools. This atypical cafe is a place to exchange and create, and now attracts artists from all over Shoreditch. Founded by Soner Ozenc, a former designer at RazorLab, the cafe allows customers to print a small object in 3D in 30 minutes for £5, while a medium sized object takes between two and six hours and costs £2.25 per 15 minutes. While drinking coffee, creators and designers can take their ideas and make them reality thanks to the machines at their disposal. The cafe also offers workshops, evenings and conferences. Ozenc wants to add multi-discipline activities to his Creative Residency Programme: combining 3D printing with music, fashion, “everything that is creative” explains the founder. This ‘introduction to technology’ gives customers the chance to see these machines and use them to turn their ideas into real objects.

The website 3Dprint.com, which is dedicated to 3D printing, features this initiative as part of the mass-development of 3D printing. The company’s Facebook page has 1354 fans. It also has 1395 followers on Twitter who have enjoyed the cafe’s 1000 tweets. In Timeout, London’s Now Here This section, the cafe is mentioned as the the place to be.

Practical information: MakersCafe, Old Shoreditch Station, 1 Kingsland Road, London/ hello@makerscafe.com / Open Monday to Friday from 9h to18h, Saturday from 10h to17h and Sunday from 12h to 17h

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