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In London, the first cereal bar has arrived

Publié le 10 March 2015

The London borough of Shoreditch has for a few months now, been home to a cereal bar which, with its childish decor, is dedicated entirely to cereals. It’s already been a big success.

In London, the first cereal bar has arrived

Bars are often a source of inspiration for unusual and innovative concepts, and that’s the case with this new type of bar which is dedicated to cereals: the Cereal Killer Cafe.

The cereal bar is located in London in the borough of Shoreditch, a very popular area which has undergone strong gentrification in the last few years.


The founders, twins from Northern Ireland, offer 130 varieties of cereals from the world over, 30 sides and 20 types of milk. The portions come in different size bowls. The Cereal Killer Cafe also offers ‘cereal cocktails’ which mix cereals, fresh fruits and cordial.


The atmosphere is retro. It is clearly inspired by the 1980s, the childhood years of the majority of customers. Music from sitcoms is played, there are old skateboards and outdated games consoles in the room. The packets of cereal come from the world over, while some other products, which are up to 30 years old, can be found on the walls.



When it opened, the Cereal Killer Cafe was at the centre of a controversy: Is it wise to open such a bar in a borough which, despite its recent development, remains one of the poorest in London? In the end, after several months, the concept’s success has gone beyond the founders’ wildest dreams. As well as a queue at the front door, the Cereal Killer Cafe is also very popular on social media, with nearly 10,000 followers on Twitter, and 30,000 likes on Facebook. These are high numbers for a small independent business.

 Practical information:
Cereal Killer Cafe
139 Brick Lane London EI 6SB

Make visible Facebook/cerealkilleruk https://www.facebook.com/cerealkilleruk
Write to @ CerealKillerUK https://twitter.com/CerealKillerUK?lang=fr

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