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In London, a furniture workshop in the centre of town

Publié le 18 November 2014

Unto This Last is a real furniture factory in the heart of London. Custom-made furniture is produced for customers who can personalise their items.

In London, a furniture workshop in the centre of town

Every year in London the design festival marks the city out as the global capital for design. This event is part of the creative dynamic that runs through the city.


Located on Brick Lane, Unto This Last workshop fits into this design mentality. More than just a furniture store, the brand is above all a creative workshop for custom-made furniture. To compete with the industry giants, the shop has gambled on a creative philosophy, inspired by a John Ruskin essay from 1860 which gave the shop its name. Industrial manufacturing has too high a human cost so a return to craftsmanship is essential. Unto This Last offers handcrafted products at mass-produced prices. By producing goods in this way, the company can use high-quality materials while reducing storage costs. The wood undergoes quality-control. The online catalogue allows customers to choose the model, size, material and colours for more than 2,000 products. Items are ordered every day, either in store between 10am and 6pm, or by email or phone. The manufacturing period is four weeks. All furniture is produced at the back of the shop and customers can watch their furniture being made through the shop window. Manufacture and delivery in the city centre guarantees attractive prices.


The website FabShop “digital manufacturing solutions”, has praised this workshop which doesn’t suffer from the usual industrial constraints. ElleDécoWeDontDoRetro, and TimeOut has also singled out the shop as a must-see spot for furniture lovers in London. The workshop has a Facebook page with 600 fans which also acts as a portfolio. A video report on YouTube explains how the company works. Unto This Last plans to expand and open other stores. Their website provides the link between the workshop and its customers.

Practical Information:
Unto This Last
230 Brick Lane
E2 7EB

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