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In London (Great Britain), a pastry chef is inspired by contemporary art

Publié le 31 May 2017

The head pastry chef at the Rosewood Hotel has designed a series of cakes which imitate famous art works. Rosewood Hotel, a luxury London hotel, wanted to offer an original concept for afternoon tea. To do so it used the creativity of pastry chef Mark Perkins.

In London (Great Britain), a pastry chef is inspired by contemporary art

He decided to pay homage to the dynamic cultural life of London: in doing so he created a number of cakes inspired by the most famous pieces of contemporary art on display in the British capital. Works from Yayoi Kusama, Damien Hirst, Alexander Calder, Banksy and Mark Rothko are represented.

“We chose to make reference to modern art, because it comes in many forms, colours and interesting designs for cakes,” said the pastry chef.

Playing with the shapes of cakes and the colour of icing allowed the pastry chef to reinterpret these works in a delicious way.

For example, to represent ‘The girl with the red balloon’ by famous street artist Banksy, he used, among other things, a cube of white chocolate, melted black chocolate and cherry jelly.

The reference to contemporary art underlines the high-end nature of the establishment, where some rooms are decorated by the artist Gerald Scarfe.

Londoners and tourists alike have rushed to admire and taste the pastry chef’s creations, which are available exclusively at tea-time!

Practical information
Rosewood Hotel
252 High Holborn
London WC1V 7EN, United Kingdom



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