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In Luang Prabang (Laos), a hotel organises free cinema evenings in its gardens every evening

Publié le 23 March 2017

Victoria Palace runs activities in its gardens with daily projections of a documentary on rural Laotian life.  

In Luang Prabang (Laos), a hotel organises free cinema evenings in its gardens every evening

This luxury hotel in Luang Prabang has come up with a regular ritual: every evening at 7pm it organises an open air cinema showing.

In the gardens of the hotel a big screen, a projector and around 15 seats have been installed.

‘Chang’, the film being shown, is a documentary from 1927, made by the directors of the first ‘King Kong’. It’s a silent movie in black and white that tells the story of a rural family in Laos who see their daily routine disturbed by attacks of wild animals on the outskirts of their village.


The projection lasts an hour; it is free and open to people who are not guests at the hotel, they simply need to order a drink to attend the showing.

The hotel has come up with its ‘cinema menu’ for the occasion: a fresh drink with popcorn or chips is offered for 30,000 kips (€3.50).

The evening is simply advertised by a sign at the entrance of the hotel, but this ‘good deal’ has become very popular among tourists.


This activity allows the hotel to appeal to a new audience, to fill quiet hours in the day (when its regular clientele have gone to eat), and to promote the rich culture of Laos to passing tourists.

Practical information

Victoria Xiengthong Palace

Kounxoau Road, Ban Phonehueng,

Luang Prabang, 01160, Laos




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