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In Lymington Hampshire: a national park creates a crèche for Smartphones

Publié le 19 February 2015

An addiction to Smartphones often stops people making the most of nature’s beauty. To counter this phenomenon, an English national park has come up with a solution:  a crèche for Smartphones and tablets.

In Lymington Hampshire: a national park creates a crèche for Smartphones

Located in Hampshire, the New Forest National Park is one of the most famous English national parks. Occupying an area of 566km2, it is particularly well-known for its abundant wild fauna and its lands and forests.


Over the last few years, the park’s authorities have noticed that visitors were less and less attentive to the beauty of nature. The reason? An excessive dependence on Smartphones. This dependence has been highlighted by numerous studies. A study by IFOP in 2013 showed that 42% of French people admit to being dependent of their mobile phones (the proportion rises to 78% for those under 25).

To counter this situation, the New Forest National Park have found the solution. Since the summer of 2014, to help visitors disconnect and make the most of their visit, the park has set up a ‘Tech Crèche’, (a nursery system for Smartphones).

Upon arrival, visitors leave their tablets, Smartphones or even their car keys, to the park personnel, who store them in a secure safe. At the end of the day, visitors can come and reclaim their objects.

The service is free. Leaving an object in the Tech Crèche earns visitors a raffle ticket for the chance to a win a night away in a top hotel.

Practical information: New Forest National Park, Lymington, Hampshire, SO41 9ZG

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