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In Lyon, an eco-friendly wardrobe clearout service

Publié le 17 May 2016

The two owners of a Lyon clothes shop have decided to introduce a wardrobe clearout service to help their customers in their efforts to become more responsible with their purchases.

In Lyon, an eco-friendly wardrobe clearout service

In Lyon, two fashion-loving sisters who opened the store La Coloc – selling vintage and sometimes second-hand clothes – now offer an innovative wardrobe clearout service.

They look for original items to sell in their store, and have picked up on the growing trend of more responsible consumption. Surfing the wave of vintage and recycling, they offer customers a full wardrobe clearout through their own brand known as Les Debarrassoeurs.

Debarrassoeurs 2
The name summarises both the identity of the founders of the brand – two sisters, and the concept. The two sisters choose one customer each week among those who have contacted them via the online subscription form on the brand’s website, and visit their houses to collect the clothes they want to get rid of.

Debarrassoeurs 3

The price is decided directly with the owner, who receives a cheque of 20% of the total made from the sale.

The success of the concept is clear and has helped the founders of the concept save time as they no longer have to scour jumble sales to renew their stock; and for customers who benefit from a genuine point of sale and complete service to sell their old clothes.


Practical information

La coloc
16 rue René Leyraud
69001 Lyon



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