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In Marseille, a fashion store has recreated itself in a tea salon

Publié le 13 May 2016

  In Marseille, Marianne Cat offers unique creativity and style in her clothes shop which has been a roaring success. So much so that the designer has expanded her universe to a tea salon which she has introduced in her store.

In Marseille, a fashion store has recreated itself in a tea salon

Located in the centre of Marseille in an old hotel, Marianne Cat’s clothes store is at the height of fashion. Her aim is to mix up genres and styles by calling on young designers as well as established brands.

In addition to promoting young designers, the store features a tea salon. More than just a place to relax, this gives the business the chance to show its creative side by applying their style to a new activity. The tea salon follows the same trends as the store with a mix of styles. Set in a boudoir at the back of the store, the tea salon has antique tables paired with school chairs.

Marseille 2

The pastries on sale are the fruit of a collaboration with baker Laurent Favre-Mot. It’s the perfect place to relax while making a decision or to take a break during a long day’s shopping.

Marseille 3

The concept gives a calming, relaxing touch to the store, while increasing the number of visits as the area is not just open to the shop’s customers.

Practical information 

Marianne Cat
53 rue Grignan
13002 Marseille

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