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In Melbourne, sandwiches are delivered by parachute

Publié le 12 March 2015

Jaffles sandwiches are an important part of Australian cuisine. One company has decided to deliver them using tiny parachutes.

In Melbourne, sandwiches are delivered by parachute

Jaffles are toasted sandwiches that are particularly popular in Australia, where they are a symbol of fast food, and can be bought from mobile stands or in small restaurants. Three young Australians have decided to innovate by creating jafflechutes, which deliver the jaffles with the help of parachutes.

Jafflechutes deliver sandwiches in the business district of Melbourne and move around regularly to maintain demand and curiosity. Customers are invited to order their sandwiches a day in advance via PayPal.

An hour before they are due to be delivered, customers receive an SMS indicating the delivery site. This is marked by a blue cross on the ground. The delivery site varies but is always in the centre of Melbourne.


There are three criteria that must be met to deliver jaffles effectively. The building has to be high enough for the parachutes to open. The landing side has to have as few trees as possible, and for security reasons, it has to be away from traffic. If a sandwich doesn’t reach its customer, the Jafflechutes team is committed to dropping another one free of charge.

At the delivery time, customers meet and the sandwiches are dropped in packets featuring the name of the customer.

To maintain a link with customers, Jafflechutes are very present on social media, and the three founders have dropped chocolates and t-shirts with the company’s name, while also sharing their favourite things.

This concept is particularly popular in Melbourne and since autumn 2014, the company has also set up a base in New York.

Practical information
Jafflechutes. Pop up Restaurant. Melbourne, New York.

Instagram > http://instagram.com/jafflechutes?&_suid=142351660476005088844399433583

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