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In Munich (Germany), a pharmacy has come up with an informative, well-designed shop window

Publié le 9 March 2017

The St Anna pharmacy has produced an innovative shop window which cannot fail to draw the eye of passers-by.  

In Munich (Germany), a pharmacy has come up with an informative, well-designed shop window

This pharmacy in the centre of Munich wants to stand out through the quality of advice given to customers.

To show off this aim, the establishment has come up with an innovative shop window, featuring pictures of all the pharmacists that work there.

With each picture is their name, their exact role within the pharmacy and their area of expertise. Patients with Alzheimer’s can speak with Frau Pfanzelt, while those looking for information on cosmetic products will be more likely to speak to Frau Lukaszevicz.

The shop window also features pictograms which represent the pharmacist’s job (with bandages, pills, scales, pestle and mortar …) as well as a car which represents the delivery service offered by the establishment.

These pictures and pictograms, which are heavily stylized, give the front an interesting and friendly look.

It also confirms the promise made to customers: “We happily offer advice” and demonstrates that this advice is customised.

The design of the shop window is similar to the graphic red interior of the store.

This colour goes against the traditional norms of pharmacies (which are generally decorated in white, green or blue): and it is found in the shop window, on the walls and in the uniforms of the pharmacists. It gives an impression of dynamism and modernity in the store.

This is an effective, and easily replicable way of introducing a feeling of trust and connection with new customers.


Practical information

Apotheker Ludwig Gierstorfer e.Kfm.

Falkenturmstr. 14

80331 Munich




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