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In New York: United Nude print custom shoes

Publié le 9 December 2014

In its NoHo shop, the brand United Nude has a 3D printer which allows customers to design shoes which can then be printed. The shoes are made for measure.

In New York: United Nude print custom shoes

There are more than 2000 shoe shops in New York (Source: Yelp) and competition is fierce in the fashion capital. Up against big names such as Manolo Blahnik, J.Crew and Louboutin, shoe manufacturers are innovating in order to stand out.


In August 2014 the brand United Nude introduced a new concept in its NoHo store. The 3D printer allows people to design their shoes. The unique model, a high-heeled clog called a Float and made up of three parts, comes in a range of different colours. A pair sells for $99. Each part is designed independently of the others, 3D Systems’ technology serves the world of fashion through this innovation which creates unique, made-for-measure, custom models. Initially used for precision surgery, this technique reduces the waiting times and the price of the items, and allows customers to have their shoes in just 40 hours. The brand’s founder, Rem D Koolhaas explains: “The shoe is created in three parts which are then assembled to make up the final product.” He admits the shoes might never be as comfortable as the usual slippers, but they highlight the potential for innovation in shoe design.



The brand United Nude has been mentioned in several online magazines that specialize in design, like DeZeen or trend sites like PSFK and StupiDope. The brand has managed to create a real community surrounding these items, using its personal nature and innovation. The Facebook page has more than 250,000 likes and the Twitter account has more than 3,000 tweets and nearly 10,000 followers, making it easy to advertise these new-age shoes. The brand’s hashtag on Instagram brings together all the fashionistas around these flagship products. United Nude exists in 50 countries around the world and may develop other Cube 3Ds if this one is successful and goes beyond being simply a gadget.

Practical information:
United Nude
25 Bond Street
New York

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