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In New York, taxis are fitted with vending machines

Publié le 26 February 2015

In New York, some taxis are fitted with vending machines on the back of the driver’s seat. Snacks, medicine, chewing gum, energy drinks, it all adds extra comfort to passengers on their way to meetings or the airport.

In New York, taxis are fitted with vending machines

In 2013, New York had 13,237 taxis roaming the capital for 8.3 million inhabitants (Source: Le Monde Economie). The famous yellow taxis are everywhere in the Big Apple and have become a symbol of the capital.


The start-up Taxi Treats has introduced an original service in some New York taxis. On the back of the driver’s seat there is a vending machine which is available to passengers. Thanks to a touchscreen, invented by TaxiTreats, the order is made simply by tapping the desired items and payment is done using a bank card. Energy bars, chewing gum, headache tablets a drinks are all available, allowing customers to order a drink before catching a flight, or take an aspirin before a big meeting. This idea was in the Next Idea innovation contest. The taxis already have a TV screen and some have the vending machines. The New York Post interviewed creator Shimmerlik, who explained: “Who’s not taken a taxi across New York with a bad headache? Who hasn’t been late for a meeting and instantly regretted not having breakfast and suffered for the rest of the day?”

The website innovant.fr praises this simple, yet ingenious idea and explains that European taxis could follow suit and have vending machines installed. Companeo also expects the phenomenon to reach the big European cities full of tourists and taxis.

Practical information: New York Taxis, Taxitreats.com, info@taxitreats.com

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