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Organic Cosmetics Workshop from Yves Rocher dedicated to plants

Publié le 10 June 2014

The French cosmetics brand Yves Rocher overhauled its logo and interiors of its shops in 2009 to highlight the brand’s natural side. Completely dedicated to the benefits of plants, the Organic Cosmetics Workshop on the Champs-Elysées is as much an educational project as a commercial campaign within the specialist sector in which Yves Rocher trades.

Organic Cosmetics Workshop from Yves Rocher dedicated to plants

The Organic Cosmetics Workshop is split into three spaces.

In the entrance hall, the organic greenhouse is what comes closest to a traditional shop, except for the fact that the products all contain fruits or plant extracts (fruity shower gels, facial creams…).

Next comes the organic laboratory, with treatments from phyto-therapy and anti-aging treatments. Finally comes the organic institute where cabins are displayed in which are delivered specially designed treatments for this area, using the plants’ properties.

The decoration is full of flowers and plants which cover the wall like a giant herbarium, pastel (blue, mauve) or natural (brown) colours, with soft lighting…


Organic Cosmetics Workshop from Yves Rocher dedicated to plantsThe harmony with nature is not purely decorative. By opening this floral flagship at 102, avenue des Champs-Elysées, Yves Rocher, committed to an ecological shop: organic cleansing products, shop assistants’ t-shirts made from recycled cotton, wood from sustainably managed forests… “The Organic Cosmetics Workshop on the Champs-Elysées obviously has a unique flavour for us: it has to fulfil all the cosmetic brand’s demands, display our offers following the policies that we have put in place, respect our convictions on the respect of the planet, but also, to rise to the challenge of its prestigious location, meet the demands of a specific, international, seasonal clientele”, explains Stéphane Bianchi (DG of Yves Rocher) to Beauté-Conseil.

Organic Cosmetics Workshop from Yves Rocher dedicated to plants

Events have been organised to demonstrate the cosmetic brand’s deep attachment to ecology. In October 2010, Yves Rocher had rallied its shop assistants on the Champs-Elysées to advertise the project “Together, let’s plant for the planet”: 50 million trees were planted to celebrate the brand’s 50th birthday.

In doing so, Yves Rocher wants to remind its clients of its long-term commitment to nature and ecology. In fact, in Brittany, the group has several dozen hectares of organic cultures, organised around a botanical garden and museum dedicated to the organic world. The cosmetic brand produces, harvests and converts the majority of the ingredients it uses in its products. “We don’t want to invent a new brand, but instead involve our customers in the values which we have held close since the creation of Yves Rocher,” adds Stéphane Bianchi. It’s a way of showing that nature is not just a passing fad at Yves Rocher, but a long-term trend.

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