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A Paris butcher has installed a vending machine

Publié le 7 July 2016

It’s now possible to eat quality meat or fresh produce at any hour of the day for customers of L’Ami Txulette since the Basque butcher installed a vending machine in his shop.

A Paris butcher has installed a vending machine

The increase in the number of vending machines is a growing trend in retail: a number of businesses in New York, London and even further afield have already adopted the trend. So what’s the idea? To be available 24 hours a day to adapt to new methods of consumption.

Florence and Michel Pouzol, two butchers in Paris, wanted to offer their customers just such a service. They therefore installed a vending machine on the front of their store allowing customers to buy food outside opening hours.

Another advantage of the machine is that it eases congestion within the store: busy customers can, even when the shop is open, use the vending machine for quick purchases and avoid queues at the till.

Vending 2

Products are prepared and vacuum packed by the butcher, following the packaging and labelling standards used by supermarkets. They are then on sale at 10-20 cents above the in-store cost.

Vending 3

There is a wide range of choice: ready prepared meals or easy to cook meat, side dishes… And the idea has been a success: less than two weeks after installing the vending machine on February 8 2016, it had already covered its costs.

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120 rue de Charonne,
75 011 Paris

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