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In Paris, a childcare store offers massage and baby wearing classes

Publié le 30 June 2016

Given the sheer number of services on offer when it comes to childcare parents often find it hard to make a choice… In Paris, Api Napi, an organic childcare store, have organised workshops to help them along the way.

In Paris, a childcare store offers massage and baby wearing classes

Faced with the wide range of childcare practices, young parents can sometimes feel lost. Marina Gning and Jeanne-Aurélie Delaunay, two experienced young mothers, are here to help.

It starts with their own personal experience: in wanting washable nappies for their children, they found these could only be ordered online, with no personal advice which comes when you buy in store. They therefore opened a store in Paris, Api Napi. The aim? To have a shop window full of ecological and innovative products, but above all a place to exchange with parents.

Paris Napi 2

As well as a large selection of childcare products (reusable nappies, carrying equipment, natural care, birth presents…), Api Napi offers young parents a series of workshops.

These are dedicated to childcare practices which are becoming popular once again. Workshops to tell parents about washable nappies and other ecological alternatives to disposable ones are organised on Tuesdays and Saturdays at 11am, while baby wearing classes take place in the afternoon. The parents can learn to carry their children in a wrap, being mindful of the child’s physiology and their own.

Paris Napi 3

Some other workshops also take place in the store, like the Thé Découverte (Tea discovery) to learn more about what’s new on the market of organic childcare, or the Apéros Api Napi to learn to knit.

At Api Napi parents can find the answers to all their questions and be guided in their first steps in parenthood. The advice and training aspect is what makes the store stand out as well as the original collection of products.


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59 Avenue du Dr Arnold Netter,
75012 Paris

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