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In Paris, a hidden bar in the back room of a pizzeria

Publié le 14 July 2016

Do you really need a prominent street presence to attract plenty of people into a shop? Parisian bar Moonshiner is proof of the contrary. In order to find the door, you simply need to go through… the cold room of a pizzeria.

In Paris, a hidden bar in the back room of a pizzeria

Contrary to the classic business model, where it’s important to be as visible as possible, Moonshiner has decided to create a name for itself by hiding. And the gamble seems to be paying off for this Parisian cocktail bar.

Located in the 11th arrondissement in Paris, the bar is inspired by the speakeasy, those hidden bars in Chicago from the 1930s which flourished during prohibition. The name of the bar itself, Moonshiner, is that of a famous bootlegger.

pizzeria 2

The bar isn’t signposted anywhere so you need to be able to find it. To do that, curious individuals have to walk through the Da Vito pizzeria, go through the cold room and then find the secret door through to the bar.

The interior is reminiscent of Al Capone’s Chicago. The bar staff have outfits from that era and the accompanying music is jazz. There are stencilled golden patterns on the walls, leather sofas… In this décor of yesteryear vintage cocktails, usually made from whisky, are served.

For the complete experience, consumers who want to try the alcohol have to first find them. In America of years gone by you couldn’t show it off!

pizzeria 3

To see how much of a success the bar has been, you simply need to see the eager crowds at the bar waiting to order.

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5 rue Sedaine,
75 011 Paris

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