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In Paris: a hotel welcomes travellers’ cats

Publié le 11 December 2014

A 250 square metre hotel, in the ninth arrondissement of Paris, has been specially-designed for cats whose owners are away for a few days.

In Paris: a hotel welcomes travellers' cats

48% of French households have a cat. With an increase of 200,000 cats each year, there now nearly 11 million in France (source: le Figaro). This preference for cats is explained by the reduced responsibilities compared to owning a dog. In Paris, accommodation is also more suited to cats.


Sometimes it’s difficult to find accommodation for your animal: to go away for the weekend or on holiday, first you need someone to look after your cat. Aristide Hotel offers an innovative concept: a supervision service with luxury care and attention. Cats aren’t kept in cages or boxes, but in rooms, both individual and collective. They have a large play area with scratching poles, toys, places to perch and comfy cushions to sleep on.

Designed with the help of behavioural vets, like Valérie Dramard, the hotel has ten rooms with spaces dedicated to play, naps and meals. The well-being of the animal is the number one concern for Gauthier, the founder, and his team. The hotel already has more than 100 clients.

Thanks to a crowdfunding project on KissKissBankBank, Gauthier gathered nearly €20,000 in funding from 300 people. The concept has won people over: Aristide is causing a stir in the media. Websites (like Madmoizelle or elle.fr), radio stations (RTL, Europe 1), newspapers, TV (France 2, M6) have all helped Gauthier with the marketing campaign.

With a blog that is regularly updated, the Aristide hotel has caused a buzz on social media. With more than 900 followers on their instagram account, Aristide remembers their clients with a photo of every cat who has stayed at the hotel. The 2700 likes on their Facebook page show the interest in this new concept which allows owners to go away reassured.

Practical information:
Aristide Hôtel
11, rue Ambroise Thomas
75009 PARIS
01 42 46 86 46

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