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In Paris: a leather shop offers custom-made bags

Publié le 3 February 2015

Huber Van Cappel de Prémont has opened a shop in Paris allowing customers to design their own made-to-measure bags. The designer helps his customers with the bag's design and choice of colour and material before bringing it to life.

In Paris: a leather shop offers custom-made bags


With competition from luxury giants such as Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Lancel or Longchamp, some brands have decided to go with product customization and customer relations in order to survive. Missiessy offers to create a custom-made bag. The name comes from Mister Sixte, the sixth child and last survivor of a family of sailors who has a great love for women. Designer Hubert Van Cappel de Prémont designs his bags based on his clients tastes. There are 80 different types of leather on offer (crocodile, ostrich, python, calf, etc.) as well as feathers, furs and different finishes (gilded, silver). The designs cost between €250 for small leather products and €2,500 for an entirely custom-designed item made from rare leather. Each unique design is delivered for free in France within a month and is made in one of the brand’s two workshops in the Paris region and in the Orne department. Handmade in France, each item has a high quality finish. The brand’s emblem is Elho the mermaid, a symbol of beauty and purity. The store also offers a range of designs, allowing clients to refine their preferences in terms of colour, texture and animal. The e-shop offers a great range of bags and small leather goods.


image004Missiessy bags are regularly used in the fashion pages of magazines for women: Elle, Gala, Femme Actuelle, etc. The brand places a high priority on the legacy of the handbag, a personal object which ‘keeps a part of you with it for eternity’. The company’s Facebook  page has more than 8,000 fans. Fashion website Puloma recommends the shop as one of the essentials in the world of luxury leather and blogger Dame Skarlette explains the design of her bag. The brand has stores in Japan, Singapore, Cyprus and Switzerland.


Practical information: Boutique Missiessy, 87 rue de Seine, 75006 Paris, France, 01 83 64 57 57

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