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In Paris, a modern bookshop where you can print your books

Publié le 1 November 2016

In Paris the bookshop La Librairie des Puf has found an original way of maximising management of their stocks: customers choose which book they want to buy on a tablet, and can then watch it being printed in front of their eyes.  

In Paris, a modern bookshop where you can print your books

Bookshop owners often have to cope with the issue of unsold books or being out of stock. Today there is a solution to being able to meet demand while also reducing costs.

In the sixth arrondissement in Paris, La Librairie des Puf has come up with an innovative concept: it offers a list of more than 5,000 works which are printed on site depending on the customer’s needs.


 In the shop there are no more than 100 books, which are not for sale, and there is no stock. Customers can choose their book and pay for it on a tablet, then go to the back of the shop to see it printed and bound in under ten minutes.


 This system helps the bookshop avoid having to order stocks and display titles in the aisles but also has another advantage. By giving readers the chance to smell the glue and hot paper, it gives them a new taste for the paper format.


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La Librairie des Puf

60 Rue Monsieur le Prince,

75006 Paris


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