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In Paris: a restaurant where your meal depends on how you feel

Publié le 27 November 2014

At Maguey, customers are asked to choose two adjectives to describe the meal they are going to eat. Through this ‘blind’ selection, customers are asked to describe the emotions that these original, top-quality dishes then provide.

In Paris: a restaurant where your meal depends on how you feel

Of the 15,000 restaurants in Paris, it’s difficult to stand out. Facing competition from Paris’ great gastronomic restaurants, some modern restaurants, often at reduced prices, have come up with innovative concepts. They are reinventing the culinary experience.

Opened in the 12th arrondissement by chef Shu Zhang, Maguey, which means agave in Mexican, offers an innovative concept. The choice of meal is not made based on the desired dish, but instead on the desired taste. Loving, delicate, spirited or cynical: these four culinary emotions are at the heart of the Sensations menu which is available for €39 in the evening, or €58 with wine. With set menus of either a starter and main, or a main and dessert, the lunchtime dishes offer different emotions: sincere or elegant, friendly or ambiguous, honest of suave. The weekly menu offers fresh high-quality produce: duck, John Dory, foie gras, served with fruit and vegetables and perfectly spiced and seasoned. Thanks to the menu which changes every week, Maguey is guaranteed to surprise customers in a modern, warm setting.


Bookings are made by email, phone, online on the restaurant’s website or via their Facebook page. An article in l’Express about the best restaurants at less than €25 a head in the 11th and 12th arrondissements, singled out Maguey as one of the best restaurants in Paris.

Proof of success comes from the customers, with the restaurant earning a mark of 4.5 out of 5 from 21 views on TripAdvisor, making it one of the 1000 best restaurants in the French capital, just six months after opening. The restaurant present on social media: Maguey’s Facebook has 1600 likes, their Twitter account has 115 followers and their Instagram another 53 followers and 30 posts in barely six months.

The renewal of dishes and feelings guarantees originality. Recommended by a number of websites, including Le Bonbon, Maguey wins people over with the culinary emotions which help create a multidimensional experience.

Practical information:
Restaurant Maguey,

99 rue de Charenton,

75012 Paris
09 81 09 48 92

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