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In Pessac, a solicitor is offering a satisfaction survey

Publié le 12 July 2016

Businesses and major brands are constantly trying to improve their quality of service and customer relations. To do this, one firm of solicitors in Bordeaux is using the internet to get the views of clients.

In Pessac, a solicitor is offering a satisfaction survey

In every field, customer satisfaction is crucial. Businesses therefore do everything they can to meet the needs of consumers. But in order to find out what aspects of their business need to improve and offer a better service, they first need the views of the customer! This was the thinking behind a small survey by a Bordeaux solicitor.

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While feedback forms are very common in big businesses, they are used a lot less in small and medium sized businesses. In Pessac, one firm of solicitors believes they are important and has a permanent questionnaire on its website to get those opinions. This aims to be thorough and effective: about 15 multiple choice questions are asked, with one open question allowing the customer to explain further or clarify their choices.

For Stéphane Garibal, Eric Larivière and Hélène Serisé, proximity, collaboration and exchanging views with the client are key to delivering the best service and in standing out from their competitors. For these three solicitors, their website has become a great way of interacting with clients beyond simple legal communications.

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They also regularly publish a legal newsletter, which can be accessed free online.

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