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The Porsche Experience Centre: at the heart of the racetrack

Publié le 20 June 2017

The famous German car manufacturer opened a unique space in 2015 where people can discover and learn about the hallmarks of the brand at the heart of the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

The Porsche Experience Centre: at the heart of the racetrack

It’s a place which is full of history where Porsche opened their sixth testing centre in the world. This area of 3,000m2 is on three levels and offers unrivalled access to several tracks of the 24 Hours circuits.

A highly symbolic site

Porsche is the most successful manufacturer in the history of Le Mans, with 17 victories and numerous records since the first race in 1950. It’s at this historic venue that the company inaugurated its centre in the 2015 edition of the 24 Hours. It was a way for Porsche to reaffirm its first objective: performance on the track.

The ultra-modern building which hosts the Porsche centre, with its blue-tinted glass bay windows and its stainless steel walls, brings to mind the discreet yet elegant form of the company’s cars. It also embodies the ambition of the manufacturer: to serve as a living place between tradition and modernity, faithful to history through its location but profoundly innovative through its architecture.

The ground floor of the centre shows off the history of the manufacturer with a gallery where its models are displayed. Every vehicle is associated with an important event and fits into a tale told by the company.

At the end of the museum section, visitors are welcomed into the Porsche Service Centre, devoted to the repair and maintenance of vehicles. It’s the opportunity to discover the internal workings of these racing cars, from the paintwork to the motor. After the history, the present day follows in the form of living contact with cutting-edge technology and the company’s design.

The Porsche dream, a privilege reserved for the elite

On the ground floor of the centre, there is a video projection room where visitors can relive the successes of Porsche in the 24 Hours of Le Mans via on-board cameras. Through this set-up, the company shows that at the wheel of these cars, everything is possible. The film shows how, over the course of these legendary victories, Porsche showed itself to be a dream that a lucky few can reach.

The centre also hosts the only official Porsche driving school in France, the Porsche Sport Driving School. It teaches students about all the aspects of driving on the Maison Blanche track, designed for the teaching through different modules such as poor grip, or the hydraulic skid simulator. The presence of a school at the heart of the venue shows the elite character of the company, which not everyone can access.

The Driving School gives students the opportunity to try the latest models on the 24 Hours track. The company gives them the chance to step into the shoes of drivers on the legendary track and to feel the experience inside the cockpits of these racing cars.

The centre also offers customers on the Programme Porsche Experience a free half-day training session to learn to handle their own car on the Le Mans track. Through these different immersive activities, the centre offers far more to its customers than a simple sports car: it allows them to access an elite universe, founded on exclusivity and performance and only accessible through the company, which serves as a guide and a mentor.

An atypical and innovative point of sale

The first floor of the complex holds a vehicle customising area which promises customers ‘a Porsche as personal as their fingerprints’ thanks to a large choice of colours and materials. This offer leads to unique vehicles which allow their owners to assert their originality via the elitist hallmarks of the company, which here offers support to show off the tastes and choices of customers.

The customisation and assertion of one’s identity has always been one of the flagship values for the company since its first model, designed by the founder Ferry Porsche to meet every aspect of his own dream. Recently, the company reasserted its values through a mobile app, the ‘Porsche Individuality app’ making it possible to create the Porsche of one’s dreams. The company serves to reveal the originality of each person.

Finally, the centre has a design restaurant as well as the Porsche Driver’s Selection shop, offering products derived from the brand. If the race cars remain the preserve of the elite, the manufacturer wants to see its brand reach the widest possible audience through clothes collections, leather goods and watches showing off the values of the brand: elegance, ergonomics and functionality.

The Porsche Centre offers a unique consumer experience allowing people to enjoy an intense, immersive afternoon in the world of Porsche, founded on speed, performance and freedom. While the brand is primarily accessible to an elite, educated in the hallmarks of the company, the dream it offers remains accessible to all.


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