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Restaurant ‘Dans le Noir’, creates digital guestbook

Publié le 23 May 2014

First opened in Paris in 2004 and with several other restaurants in Barcelona, New York and London, ‘Dans le noir’ offers a dining-in-the-dark experience, designed to give its customers a taste of the lives of the visually impaired.

Restaurant ‘Dans le Noir', creates digital guestbook

The guestbook is aimed at encouraging clients to submit their feedback, whether it is positive or negative. Whilst this may seem like a terrible idea at first, it has become a huge marketing success. By showing that they are open to criticism and feedback, the restaurant is able to resolve any issues effectively, therefore constantly improving the ‘customer experience’. ‘Dans le Noir’ is renowned for its intimate and strong customer relationships.

For example, the restaurant is very forthcoming and upfront about its prices, which some customers consider to be overly-expensive. They explain that the additional costs are due to the meal being served in total darkness and also stress that 10% of all profits are donated to charities for the blind. All of this is stated on the first page of the website, which is rather unconventional, considering they could have opted to display the myriad of positive customer comments here instead; an attitude their customers evidently appreciate judging from their feedback.

Restaurant ‘Dans le Noir, creates digital guestbook

In short, this online guestbook is an ingenious marketing device that has proved to be a roaring success. Almost 5000 customers have left feedback after dining at the restaurant, leaving an average score of 9.06/10! An impressive feat, when you consider the amount of unhappy customers who will have left a low ‘protest’ score for what they considered to be an unsatisfactory meal. Thanks to its online guestbook, ‘Dans le Noir’ has struck gold.


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