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In Saint Maur des Fossés, a bookshop displays its customer reviews in the window

Publié le 1 September 2016

Consumers often decide on their purchases by checking out reviews online. In Saint Maur des Fossés, the Griffe Noire bookshop has made the first move by displaying literary reviews left by customers in its shop window.

In Saint Maur des Fossés, a bookshop displays its customer reviews in the window

Now customers have become used to checking the reviews of their peers before making a purchase: for choosing a book, the judgement of the bookshop is no longer enough for readers. La Griffe Noire, in Saint Maur des Fossés, has reacted to this trend, and alongside books, has the reviews of customers.

The front of this little bookshop attracts the eye of passers-by and sets the tone: it is covered with reviews from customers.

bookshop 2

Once inside, visitors are guided in their choices by colourful cards featuring the uncensored reviews and critics of those who have read the books. That valuable advice, added to that of the bookshop, helps customers make their choice.

bookshop 3

In this generous, colourful space, there is no hesitation when it comes to showing off unknown authors, appealing to customers to discover them. The bookshop also has its own literary prizes, and each month has shows on-site, to create a link with the local community.

The shop’s website completes the services on offer to those connecting via the internet, giving them the chance to buy their books online, with reduced delivery costs. This local business has found a way to compete with the big players! 

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La Griffe Noire
2 Rue de la Varenne,
94100 Saint-Maur-des-Fossés

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