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In Sainte Maxime, a bookshop-wine bar

Publié le 15 September 2016

Faced with competition from online stores and the rise of digital books, bookshops have to stand out. In Sainte Maxime, Lire entre les vignes (Read between the vines) offers customers an original experience: the chance to choose their next book in a wine bar.

In Sainte Maxime, a bookshop-wine bar

The concept is popular in Italy, where Adeline Courchet lived for a year: readers can flick through a few pages while enjoying a glass of wine or a tea, with cheese, cooked meats or cakes.

In Sainte Maxime, this young entrepreneur decided to open her bookshop ‘Lire entre les vignes’ based on this model, and chose an old restaurant for its locale. She stocked it with books for every taste from complete collections to young adult.


In the kitchen she focuses on Provence by highlighting regional products. There is wine from all over France and abroad on offer. The décor, as in the rest of the bar, has the atmosphere of harmony with nature: a calm, green patio, organic paint on the walls, a number of books about the environment…


The bookshop also aims to be a lively space and hosts a number of events like book signings, theatre pieces, conferences, as well as concerts and exhibitions. This is an effective way of getting the word out, and to judge by the increasingly full bookshelves, ‘Lire entre les vignes’ is proof that there is still a taste for paper books…

Practical information

Lire entre les vignes
34 Avenue du Général Leclerc,
83120 Sainte-Maxime


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