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In San Francisco, a café has turned laziness into a concept

Publié le 13 November 2014

Two French women have opened a café in San Francisco to teach Americans about laziness. Paresse Café asks customers to take a break on hammocks, surrounded by exotic fish and fruit-based drinks.

In San Francisco, a café has turned laziness into a concept

There are nearly 5,000 cafés and restaurants in San Francisco. This artistic hub for small businesses is always looking for the next new thing and is economically strong. Now, the Silicon Valley is welcoming concept cafés.


Paresse Café, in the Mission District quarter, evolved from the idea that Americans are hard workers while the cliches about the French often revolve around laziness. By combining these two elements, Ingrid and Babette have created a kind of idyllic island for their customers, inviting them to relax. With fruit juice, healthy meals made from organic food, massages, hammocks and music, it’s all set up for an enjoyable time. Tony, the chef, gets the best out of his meals with Food Art, which turns the dishes into works of art. The company’s website reveals its aim: “Help Americans become lazy”. Thanks to a partnership with a local massage school in San Francisco, massage sessions are on offer. There are different offers available depending on what the customer is after: pink break, glucose-free break, selfish break, virtuoso break, peach break, clever break. The dishes are vegetarian and affordable. With their crowdfunding campaign on IndieGogo and the personalised accounts which allow people to keep up to date on what’s happening, Paresse Café have created a real community.

Ingrid and Babette have gone digital using social media: daily updates and articles on their venture have made the company’s Facebook page a popular place to visit, as is their Twitter account. Paresse Café is also found on business sites such as Silicon Valley.fr, the Figaro, or on Linkedin, as well as on trend sites such as Hommes Modernes.com.


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