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The Scotch Whisky Experience, a Pernod Ricard museum

Publié le 1 August 2017

In this hybrid venue, which is both a museum and a theme park, Pernod Ricard offers an interactive journey into the world of Scottish whisky.

The Scotch Whisky Experience, a Pernod Ricard museum

The site, located in the historic centre of Edinburgh on the Royal Mile, first opened in 1988, and was renamed in 2006. Since 2012, thanks to investment from the Pernod Ricard group, it has expanded and modernised its range of activities.

A unique heritage dedicated to teaching

This centre has a very rich heritage. The building is a former school which started welcoming students in 1888. Over the years, the site has conserved its teaching aspect, hosting a hospitality school as well as an urbanism study institute.

At the moment, the building is dedicated to uncovering the secrets of production and appreciation of whisky.

A theme park for adults 

The Scotch Whisky Experience uses a dynamic teaching approach, which aims to spark powerful emotions, as a theme park would.

Every tour starts with a circuit to see the production of whisky, punctuated by a number of activities. Visitors step onto a barrel which takes them through rooms where there is a magic atmosphere, revealing the secrets of the development of the famous drink.

The enchanting atmosphere continues with the discovery of the museum’s Scotch whisky collection. This is made up of more than 4,000 bottles of golden spirits and has recently been recognised as one of the ‘7 wonders of the world of Scotch whisky’. With the collection of bottles in the transparent shop window covering the walls from floor to ceiling, the room reminds you of Ali Baba’s cave.

Whisky’s secrets revealed

The tour continues into a room where the ageing process in a barrel is explained, as is the export of bottles of Scotch around the world. A specialist then presents the different regions and invites the adults to come to a tasting evening.

The variety and sophistication of the whiskies available to taste depends on the offer chosen by the visitors. The Platinum Tour offers access to vintages which are of remarkable quality.

A living space

The site doesn’t only organise visits but also offers a large range of services. Activities and presentations are organised for school groups, as well as lessons and work experience.

Visitors and those who only wish to dine can enjoy a meal at the gourmet Amber Restaurant, in a warm setting.

The shop, open to all, has in its window more than 400 different whiskies available under a range of formats, from mini bottles to complete gift sets.

The spaces can also be hired privately to host special events.

Pernod Ricard has found with The Scotch Whisky Experience a venue which is both sophisticated and modern, which discreetly embodies the distinctive values of the group.

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