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In Seoul (South Korea), a special basket for those who would like to be helped by a salesperson

Publié le 25 April 2017

Innisfree, a South Korean cosmetics shop, uses a colour code to spot customers who need help with their choices.

In Seoul (South Korea), a special basket for those who would like to be helped by a salesperson

Innisfree has understood that there are two types of customer in a shop. On the one hand, the undecided, who needed to be guided and advised by a specialist, and are lost if the shop’s employees don’t offer them help.

However, there are also independent customers, who like to browse the aisles, discovering products themselves and making their own choices. These people are happier without any intervention of a salesperson: some even avoid cosmetics stores, through fear of being accosted, and prefer to do their shopping online.

Having realised this, the store Innisfree has come up with a solution to optimise the shopping experience for these two types of customer. At the entrance to the store there are two stacks of baskets: one set of orange baskets with the label ‘I need help’ (in English and in Korean, along with an explanatory picture), for those customers who wish to be helped by a salesperson; and, next to this, a stack of green baskets, designed for those who want to shop on their own, without assistance.

It’s a clever way of customising the service and optimising the advisory role of the shop’s employees. Even the shyest customer now dares to open the door to the shop!



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