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In Shanghai (China), the Swatch Art Peace Hotel extends the concepts of art and luxury

Publié le 7 November 2017

In this hotel, the Swiss watchmakers offer an immersive journey through the world of design and the identity of the brand, epitomising creativity and prestige.

In Shanghai (China), the Swatch Art Peace Hotel extends the concepts of art and luxury

Swatch chose an ancient Victorian palace to hold its new venue, a hotel which combines a residence for artists, luxury suites and several shops.

An upmarket move for the group

The building, with a pink marble façade which lights up at night, stands out from the rest of the buildings in the area thanks to its elegance and imposing architecture. On the roof are a number of international flags, giving it the look of a multicultural palace, underlining the global nature of the group.

The luxury entrance and its classically Victorian reception area lead into a great hall surrounded by walls in top quality wood. At the centre is the ‘Swatch Store’, with the Omega store on the left and Blancpain on the right. By placing these two brands, which represent the company’s shift upmarket over the last few years, as pillars of the hotel, Swatch has reaffirmed its commitment to breaking into the world of luxury.

However, we still find the simpler, more colourful identity of other brands of the company in the rooms on the fourth floor. There, we discover three large, themed suites (peace, happiness, prosperity), a smaller fourth suite, and three other rooms. The creative, colourful design of these rooms projects an image of simplicity and well-being which resonates with Swatch’s fun and colourful ranges.

In this way, the hotel manages to combine luxury décor with a warm happy ambience, with brands of very different natures coexisting at the heart of the group.

A total experience of the brand

The venue has been designed as a multi-sensory voyage offering a total, immersive consumer experience. For the group, this is the chance to offer access to the Swatch way of life. That’s why, as well as the stores and hotel, the Art Peace Hotel offers customers two luxury restaurants.

The first, The Shook!, is located on the fifth floor and offers a selection of Asian and European dishes in an elegant space, with bright white décor in the image of the ethereal, sophisticated cuisine being served.

The second restaurant, located on the sixth floor, offers Asian fusion cuisine in a more relaxed atmosphere with a red background lighting design. These two restaurants offer customers a varied choice of gastronomy which expands the artistic experience as far as the taste buds.

On the top floor of the hotel, there is a cocktail bar, installed on the roof, which offers an uninterrupted view of the Bund and the lights of Budong, on the other side of the river Huangpu.

A lively place linked to art

The Swatch Art Peace Hotel also holds a residence for artists where 18 young talents are selected to live and work in residence for three to six months. This community of artists is invited to meet and share ideas and experiences on two floors. The workshops and rooms are located on the second floor of the hotel.

The third floor provides the artists with ten studios which combine working and living space.

The artists, who are supported by the hotel to establish contacts with the art scene in Shanghai, are free from any obligation, other than to leave a ‘trace’ of their work which is representative of their experience in the hotel. The Art Peace Hotel is therefore designed as a giant collective work that is in a state of constant transformation.

While the choice of creating a hotel was already symbolic of a desire to enter into this world by the group in the style of the big luxury brands (Baccarat, Armani, LVMH…), the choice of hosting artists in the hotel shows the company is ready to accept the role of social benefactor within the universe of luxury. In this same movement, it reaffirms the artistic dimension of its own work with the parallel between the brands on the ground floor and the artists it supports on the second floor.

This choice follows the evolution of the company, the brand Swatch having already chosen to make its watches real miniature works of art.

The opening of the Art Peace Hotel allows the group to offer its customers not only an experience of the lifestyle of the brand but also to travel through its idea of art and luxury. It is a total experience where every space is the living incarnation of a spontaneous artistic expression, whether in terms of consumption (the shops and restaurants), daily life (the hotel) or in the art itself.

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